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Inspection Service

What is a HOME INSPECTION, What do you get, Why should you have one?

Whether you are Buying, Selling, or looking to Renovate, a Home Inspection is exactly what you need. Take a look at our


complete with Full Photo Documentation and see what we can offer you.

A Home Inspection is usually performed within a few days of a sales agreement. It is a thorough, visual examination of a home’s construction, including structural, mechanical, electrical, and operating components. Home inspections are often requested by buyers prior to closing on a mortgage, for the sole purpose of identifying, evaluating, and reporting on both the positive and negative condition of the home’s structure and operating components.

Our Home Inspections include a multi-part computerized report, including a Full Report, a Summarized version detailing all of the defects found in the inspection and a Conclusion. The Summarized and Full Reports are both Fully Photo Documented, illustrating the major defects listed in the report. Our report gives a thorough account of the interior and exterior condition of the home, covering each component, such as electrical, A/C, plumbing, roof, etc., thoroughly and moving through the house to report on the individual components of each room, our report also gives some helpful home maintenance tips.

Every inspection we perform is conducted in accordance with ASHI (American society of Home Inspectors), NAHI (National Association of Home Inspectors) and FABI (Florida Association of Building Inspectors) Standards of Practice, of which are available upon request or can be viewed online at www.ashi.org, www.nahi.org and www.fabi.org respectively.

In every Home Inspection we perform the following:


The visible areas of the foundations are inspected for structural defects, such as excessive settlement or displacement.

Grading and Drainage:

The area around the home is inspected to ensure that any water will drain away from instead of under or into the structure.

Roof System:

The roof is thoroughly checked for current or potential leaks, this is performed from on top of the roof (tile roofs are not walked upon but are still inspected visually from the exterior) as well as from the attic space.

Attic Space:

Inspecting the attic is a good source to find additional indications of roof leaks, also noting the condition of the visible structural elements, ventilation and adequacy of the insulation.

Exterior Walls:

The exterior of the structure is checked for excessive settlement or other structural defects, documenting potential areas for water intrusion, rot or other damage.

Electrical Systems:

The electrical system is thoroughly inspected, including the outside entrance wiring, the service panel and branch circuits, checking for non-code compliance, improper wiring, grounding, and potential electrocution and fire hazards.

Plumbing Systems:

The plumbing system is checked for leaks, the proper use of materials, the condition and operation of the water heater and all visible fixtures, pipes, and drains are tested for proper operation.

Heating and Cooling Systems:

The A/C system is checked for correct ventilation, proper operation of the system and all of its readily accessible elements, including temperature differentials, tonnage and location of the components.

Interior Walls and Ceilings:

The interior is checked for signs of water intrusion or other possible defects.


Flooring and floor systems are inspected for deficiencies in the material and / or installation.


Windows are checked for condition and proper operation.

Fireplaces and Chimneys:

Fireplace and chimney inspections cover the overall condition of the internal and external components of the fireplace system.

Porches and Decks:

Porch and deck inspections check for code compliance, overall condition and structural defects.

Attached Carports:

Attached Carport are checked for code compliance, overall condition and potential structural defects.


Appliances inspections look at the overall condition and correct operation of the various appliances in the house.
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