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Home Inspection Service

The Services we provide are as varied as there are types of property to inspect and as there are items that need to be inspected. A brief explanation of Our Services follows:

Commercial Inspections
Commercial Inspections cover the largest variety of building types and each Commercial Inspection is tailored to the Client's needs. The types of buildings we inspect include, but are not limited to: Office Spaces, Restaurants, ACLFs, Apartment Buildings, Garages and Warehouses. Typically, in a Commercial Inspection, due to the size and complexity of the structures, we will limit the Scope of the Inspection to five basic items: Roof, Structure, A/C, Plumbing and Electrical, and often we will add Mold Inspections and Phase I Environmental Inspections, however, we will inspect any building as thoroughly as any Client requests.

Residential Inspections
Residential Inspections have become fairly standardized and we follow the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics set by ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors), www.ashi.org, FABI (Florida Association of Building Inspectors), www.fabi.org and NAHI (National Association of Home Inspectors), www.nahi.org. A list of the items we typically look for in a home inspection is listed in the What is an Inspection? section of our website.

Mold Inspections
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With today's heighten awareness of Mold and the possible health effect of a Mold Contaminated environment, we offer a Low Cost Mold Testing option that can be added to any inspection. We also provide Mold Testing at very Competitive Rates for any Commercial or Residential property, separate from any other inspections. It has been our experience that often homes or businesses that seem highly suspect of a mold problem, due to odors or other non-visual cues, are often found to be in acceptable condition. Transversely, we have found serious mold contamination in buildings that did not have any apparent outward signs.

Ashi Insurance Inspections
(Previously known as and replacing the 4 POINT INSPECTION) These are required in some residential transactions and are typically driven by the age of the house being purchased. Usually they are only required in a home over 50 years old but we have seen them required in homes as young as 35 years old. The Insurance inspection is looking at the: Roof, Plumbing, A/C and Electrical, as did the 4 Point Inspections, however, the new ASHI Insurance Inspection also looks at the homes ability to withstand a hurricane and if some of the higher standards are present, such as Miami Dade approved hurricane shutters and secondary waterproofing in the roof system, there may be discounts on the homeowners insurance for that residence. The ASHI Insurance Inspection this was created for Citizens Insurance with the help of ASHI and more information can be obtained at www.ashi.org, these inspections may also be provided by a FABI Inspector, www.fabi.org.

Here are some of the Other Typical Inspections we provide:
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Design / Build Services
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Mold Remediation
Mold Testing, Mold Remediation, Restoration, Fire, Smoke and Odor Remediation
Kitchens & Baths
Remodeling Contractor, 203k Rehab Loans, Kitchen Remodel, Bath Remodel
Tenant/Build Out
Design and Construction
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